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A very mild winter for our Upstate New York Community is vast under statement for this year!  According to our local TV weather station, we have only had a total of 14″ of snow all season.  Although I am very grateful for the obvious reasons of a cheaper heating season and not having to shovel or plow snow, it has been challenging to get out and chase the light, when there is no light, no shadows, or no contrast.  The limited number of days where the sun and blue skies appeared together I was otherwise engaged indoors. Every vigilant throughout the week and always armed with my “briefcase camera”, my first Nikon (D5100 and a 35mm f/1.8 lens), I make it a point to get out every Sunday morning with my tripod and gear in search of that perfect image.  Too often I end up just driving around the spots that I scoped out during the seek and come home with a clean memory card.   Scored today!  I was able to capture some nice images for my prime lens project and even exercised the super wide angle.  I have loaded a three image series today and will look to update the rest throughout the week.

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