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Launch Date

I first  started to bring my photography into the public eye by adding Frank Kapusta Photography (FKP) to my professional profile in LinkedIn by creating a new work experience and adding a couple of images.  The response from my contacts was incredible.  I have always resisted Facebook, but understand that it is an important media tool to promote your business.  Once again, the response was incredible with the number of friends, likes and comments growing daily.

Finally, I took the plunge into the world wide web and decided to build this site. After much research, I headed to Word Press and used their quick set up.  After reviewing the free setup, I went right to a premium package as it included a registered “.com” domain.  After scrolling through the free templates and I did move up and purchased a template. Then came the build process and this is where the frustration levels started to rise.  My recommendation to anyone starting out would be to go through Word Press support.  Their support is very good and the more I worked with it the easier it got.  After working on this for a couple of hours a day for a week, my comfort level is much better.  With the basic menu and pages in place, I am happy to go public with this website.  I anticipate the expansion of the menu and pages to include additional categories into the portfolio and adding a “my gear” list to be ongoing.

So, follow me on my journey through the lens.


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