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New Direction… New Beginnings

With very few exceptions, my camera has sat idle for the past few of months.  Under normal circumstances I could have used the excuse that most Upstate New Yorkers use…its winter.  Too much snow and it’s too cold.  The reality is that as 2015 started to wind down, the winds of change were picking up speed and strength that would propel each member of our immediate family in New Direction and with New Beginnings!

So, let’s begin with our daughter, Katie.  With a growing family in a small house the search was on to find a larger home that would better accommodate the family.  Throughout this search process, I was presented with a great career opportunity that would allow us to relocate to the Rochester area.  This not only presented us the opportunity to downsize and choose a life style of less home maintenance and more travel and exploration time, but put us within a half a mile of our grandson, Vinny.  If you are a regular visitor to my photograph Facebook page or my website, you will have seen the many albums of Vinny. The distance to our son, Ben, would remain the same with the exception of traveling 1 hour west, we now would travel 1hour east.  So as our transition began to unfold, Katie and Greg found the home of their dreams.  However, instead of being 5 minutes away, they are now 20 minutes away.  No big deal, since we were travelling 4 hours round trip before.

It’s time to bring, our son, Ben into this scenario.  Over a year ago, he transitioned from a career in law enforcement to fulfilling his life-long dream of starting and managing his own business.  In his former career, he had the ability of changing, impacting, and saving lives and now in his new career he has the ability to change and impact lives and help provide them financial security for the future as a financial planner.

As this is a photography blog, you are probably asking what kind of pictures is he going to tie into this blog?  I could put up a picture of Katie and Greg’s new home, or the sold sign on our old home, or a picture of my new office.  But there is more to this blog that will define the title, New Directions and New Beginnings!

During all these changes, Ben met a wonderful person, Lindsay.  Together, they charted a new course in their lives that will bring them to Virginia.  It will be in Virginia where they each will start new careers in their respective fields, but more importantly, it is where they will introduce the newest member of the family…Benjamin M. Kapusta II!









a.k.a. “Lil Putter”


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“New Direction….New Beginnings”

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  1. Good Luck with the new beginnings. I am glad we reconnected.

  2. New Directions and New Beginnings! How exciting. Love, Madge Campbell

  3. good luck with all this

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