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"Images for Lasting Memories"


0 Responses to “Landscape”

  1. Madge Campbell

    New Directions and New Beginnings! How exciting. Love, Madge Campbell

  2. Diane

    Too cute!!! A real cutey patooty for sure, and the commentary was great!

  3. Katie Moore

    I still can’t get over what a cute idea it was to write this from Vinny “the blogger”! Love the pictures and commentary!

  4. Lynda Levi

    Thank you Frank. Was very enjoyable. Am sitting at table over to Raquette. Nice clear day out there today. We miss you guys. Love you.

  5. Deb Sutliff

    Frank, your work is beautiful! So enjoyed reading and viewing the Letchworth adventure! So glad you rediscovered your talent!!

  6. Wallace, Diane

    Frank…beautiful pictures once again…”beautiful” isn’t a strong enough word…more like spectacular! Beauty hidden off the beaten path. When I saw the first picture, I knew you must have bought a new filter by the look of the water and then I read your post and learned you did get a new lense…worth every dollar you spent!

  7. Diane

    The Genesee never looked better; great view of downtown from a different perspective!

  8. fototakerTony

    Gorgeous imagery Frank!!! It is quite evident that you have a strong passion for how you capture what you see. I was in the Navy (mostly ships) from 1972 to 1993. Small world, isn’t it?

    • Frank Kapusta Photography

      Thanks Tony. I was a land locked sailor for 76 to 81 in D.C.