Nikon D750: 16-35mm @ 35mm – 6.0 secs @ f/9.5 – ISO 100 Lee 10 stop ND filter
High Falls
D750: Nikon 16-35mm @ 35mm – 1/20 sec @ f/11 – ISO 100
Flour City
D750: Nikon 16-35mm @ 31mm – 1/60 sec @ f/11 – ISO 100
A view of Yorktown beach from the pier.


Corbett Glen, Penfield, NY
Winter Falls
Located in the former Village of Charlotte at the Port of Rochester, NY. The Lighthouse was constructed in 1822 just west of the Genesee River and on the southern shore of Lake Ontario. The current keeper’s house was built in 1863. It was restored by the Lighthouse Historical Society in 1984 and it is a City of Rochester designated landmark.
Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse


Aqueduct at Macedon/Palmyra


D7100: Nikon 10-24mm @ 24mm – 30 secs @ f/13 – ISO 200. – Lee Big Stopper Filter

Aqueduct Falls



The morning sun breaks over empty slips signaling the end of the boating season. Most have been placed in storage for the upcoming winter season.
Empty Slips


Lock 32 Canal Park – Erie Canal Heritage Trail, Pittsford, NY
Morning Colors


D750: Nikon 50mm: 1/125 sec @ f/2.8 – ISO 100
Leaft Tunnel


(D7100: Nikon 10-24mm @ 24mm – 10.0 sec @ f/11 – ISO 100 (Lee BSF)
Stone Jetty


Nikon D7100: Nikon 10-24mm @ 24mm - 30 sec @ f/11 ISO 125, LEE .6NDSF Filter
Upper Falls



Nikon D7100: Nikon 10-22mm @ 1/20 sec @ f/11 - ISO 100 Lee .6NDSF Filter
Razor Back


Seneca Lake water front in Watkins Glen